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For the France vs Korea game:
Estimated one million Red Devils from across the East Asian state gathered at 'group cheering points' to spur on their special envoys in Leipzig, with Seoul police putting the number in the capital alone at 280,000 in front of City Hall.

The Los Angeles Times reported that more than 20,000 Red Devils had gathered at the big screens in the LA Lakers' Staples Center to watch the action from Leipzig. The streets of New York and Paris likewise echoed to the sounds of Korean drumbeats and shouts of Dae-han Minguk as a nail-biting 90 minutes unfolded.

The main world cup Stadium in Seoul,Korea was filled to capacity with cheering fans.

In Masan Prison in Korea's south-east, inmates were granted special permission to turn on the TV at 3.50am for the crucial clash with France. Some companies let employees arrive later than usual and catch up on their sleep after the match, while others summoned their workers extra early to follow the game at the office

This Friday brings another 4am start in Korea, with our footballers facing Switzerland in their final group game. With a place in the last 16 up for grabs, expect the noise generated by the Red Devils to be louder than ever. Be it Seoul, Hanover, Frankfurt, New York or Paris, come 23 June the Taeguk Warriors’ inimitable fans will be electrifying a city near you.

Go Korea! An entire nation eagerly awaits in anticipation.

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